The “big” hump black dress





I made this dress myself for my graduation even though I have other garments but this was my main piece that I myself adore it. It’s simple yet gives much attitude and feelings to it. I was not able to keep it since I have no space for it and had to sell it off. Well it was worth it, didn’t know that someone would buy my design that is big and to say like an art piece.

Would put some time to do more dresses to how it came from my mind, creativity, emotions and half consciousness. Hopefully it gets better after time. Just what I like to do, nothing serious yet enjoyable and meaningful for every piece that been produced.

Love and kisses… meewwww



Red Velvet Cuppies




It’s been a while that I didn’t post anything up here, been so busy with my fashion work and I didn’t have the time to touch anything here or even to bake. Before this I did some baking, this time round it’s CUPCAKES! Yay, it’s a Red Velvet Cupcake. As you all know these cupcakes are known for the color or texture, the rich taste and all. Yes to say, in this modern times, what is there not articficial, well there is that is organic, but not all till practice it due to it time consumption or the hassle in the process of doing it, and the industries right now provide food colorings, artificial flavours, artificial here and that on the rack. I can’t say anything since I myself rely on it as an amateur or so called knows nothing much on baking, but I will put in effort in what I will do 🙂

Okies, back to the Red Velvet Cupcake topic, haha. I was so curious of how it was made and the taste of it of course, and how the color came out to be, oh well I read the history of it and now it like so simple just dumping the whole bottle of red color into the mixture, haha. I learn new things along the way of doing it and discoveries. Of how baking soda and vinegar will affect the baking, and why would some people will call it chocolate cupcake instead of red velvet due to the chocolate powder that was add in. But incredibly, I thought it will be a hassle to do the cupcake mixture, but it’s not. It’s simple and fast. I got the recipes mostly from Martha Stewart’s website, there you can find almost anything, it’s like a google engine for food, but it depends if you are used to which website you have been using it’ll be fine 🙂

Absolutely, I love the Cream Cheese Icing, I would love to say it’s more of a cream than a sweet icing that is going on the cupcakes these days. I would decrease the amount of sugar in the recipe if it’s going to be sweet. Live a healthy lifestyle even though you wanna eat anyhting. Better exercise. Hahah. I guess I do talk too much after so long going missing.

Enjoy the recipe, happy doing it 🙂

Love and Kisses


Birthday cake for Aunt

Meww meww. As I’ve said on my ast post that I will show the cake that I had baked for her. This is it. It’s the same Chocolate cake recipe just there’s no Banana inside, only added Strawberries on top of it and there’s a chocolate frosting inside the layers of the cake. It’s a 3 layer heavy cake – seriously heavy. hahah. It’s a booms once it enters your mouth, ahhh, even I’m starting to crave for it. I shall bake it soon, and will come up with a video too 🙂



There will be more post on what I have tried baking following the recipes online 🙂 Here you go for the recipe, For the Chocolate Cake

Enjoy baking

Love and kisses….be happy

Chocolate Banana Cake with Chocolate Cream Cheese Cream

Hi everyone, I would like to share with you guys a cake that I have baked before. Basically it’s from a website recipe which I have forgotten where I’ve taken it from but I could only show you the pic of the cake that I’ve done.

It’s a simple yet a heavy and moist chocolate cake that chocolate lovers would love to take a bite on it. It’s very chocolately sinful. hahah. But who cares, it’s super super delicious.

I will share the recipe once I found it again, and also will do a video of me doing the cake too :). Oh well, I’m still an amateur, learning by myself and just do it. hahah. Thank God it all came out nicely.

Yes there’s more of it. After I’ve baked the cake, mom sent one of it to my aunt. The next moment, she wants to make an order but different size, I mean as a Birthday cake my dear. So yeah, I was kinda excited yet nervous at the same time, haha.. This is the cake that I did for my aunt.  I show the images at the next post okay?!

Love and kisses… happy 🙂


Hello Love



At this age then I wanna start a blog?? hmmm… It’s cool right. haha.

Hello all, I’m Zoul a Singaporean dude here is a bimbo about doing blogs. Apparently in this blog I would love to post, to say and to read up on new, old interesting things that is going on.
*I would love to receive questions from you guys asking me anything (but please be more reasonable).
I’m thinking of setting up a youtube account for myself, so I could record and share how to do a simple cakes and cuppies *hopefully it turns out well but it does usually, haha. Oh well I’m not an expert in it but I do love doing it, it taste good, I’m happy and so are the people around me. So I will share with what I do daily (mmmmm, maybe, haha) but I will try to. Be it in a video form or written and images. It’s my first time so be gentle with me. mewww.
*you could give me ideas on what you want me to do for the videos too
Ooh, currently I’m working with a local designer in a label Revasseur*daydreams in french. Fun and playful collections and looks from the label itself. A lovey dovey fun environment to work at and with the designer herself. Lots of work going on for event and much more interesting things to come. You can follow us @ Revasseur on Facebook and checkout her website @ Revasseur Website
I have to admit that I am quite an active outdoor person too, gym, running, rock climbing(once a while), will try to do much more water sports and being under the sun. haha. To keep myself healthy inside too right. Alright, won’t say much more or I won’t end, please please please do give me ideas of what you want to know about – fashion, food, desserts, health, people, minds, love, relationships, anything, I’m no doctor or a google engine but I will do my best to help you out. Love life and be happy.
kiss and smoochy fro